Japanese Professional Knife Sharpening Stone Sharpener


Japanese Professional Knife Sharpening Stone Sharpener

Topknifesharpener.com review of this product : A Japanese whetstone has its own pros and cons. From being a 2 grit stone, easy to store - easy to use sharpener, it could be a headache for first time users of stone sharpeners as it does not come with English instruction. It is highly recommended to consult Youtube for instructions as well as to soak the whetstone in water from time to time to conserve its structure and avoid it from chipping off. Ideal for those looking for high-quality yet affordable knife sharpeners.


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Kai is a Japanese knife manufacturing company, offering affordable yet high-quality products.

Japanese Professional Knife Sharpening Stone Sharpener

This 7″ x 2″ x 1 1/2″, 1 lb 10 oz,  Japanese product comes in two sides: a 240 grit and a 1000 grit. It is applicable for all types of knives including Samurai swords. For maintenance, just wash with water.


  •  comes with 1000 and 240 grit sides
  • made of authentic Japanese whetstone
  •  easy to clean and store


  •  affordable yet durable
  •  has 240 grit side for tough sharpening and 1000 grit side for light sharpening
  •  easy to clean
  •  easy to use

Areas of Concern

  •  does not come with English instruction
  •  has a chance of breaking and crumbling during shipment
  •  sharpens slower as compared to kings at 1000 grit


  •  Use Youtube to know how to use it
  •  Soak in water to avoid chipping off

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